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Student Promotions

Yellow Belt

Each finger on the hand represents one of the five animals that are the essence of kenpo; tiger, crane, leopard, dragon, and the snake.

When the fingers are brought together to form a fist they will expose the hidden animal the monkey. 

Yellow Belt
Orange Belt - Tiger

This belt represents the tiger, the color corresponds to the harnessed strength and the element of the sun, lightning and fire. The tiger's image is a searing continuous and aggressive attack not wasting energy on defense.  

Fierce linear fighter that utilizes a pre-planned attack to get to its opponent first, a straight line between him and his foe. 

Orange Belt Luke Shilling - Mar 24, 2017

Purple Belt - Crane

The purple belt represents the Crane, the purple talons of the crane corresponds with evening smoke, shadow, and the wind. The crane continually tests and then suddenly attacks by initiating thought to evade, evaluate and then execute.  

A defensive counter fighter that relies on coordination and agility to see the exposed target of the enemy and attacks from an unexpected angle. 

Purple Belt
Blue Belt - Leopard

This belt represents the Leopard, the color corresponds with Mercury, mirror and water. The Leopard stalks by the water with ferocity and rationality combined with blinding speed. 

A fighter that will not massively commit all body weight into its strike, it makes up loss of power by increasing speed. 

Blue Belt
Green Belt - Dragon

Represents the dragon, the color corresponds with heaven, cloud and mountain. The dragon sits high on the mountain top overlooking it's green domain and will react with controlled rage. 

A fighter known for its fury and intelligence that does not fear its enemy; rather fears what its power may do to it. 

Green Belt Charles Allen - Nov 8, 2014
Graham Sponselee - Feb 16, 2018
Brown Belts - Snake

Represents the snake, the color corresponds with rock, roots, and the ground. The snake has no neck; therefore it is the symbol of unification of body and soul. 

A fighter that would rather bluff its enemy to avoid confrontation and possible injury. Snakes do not play with their enemies; if forced they will disable or kill. 

Brown Belt 3rd Brown
Miranda Burk - Mar 8, 2017
Eric Pickford - Feb 25, 2015

Brown Belt 2nd Brown
Dylan Baker - Apr 27, 2016
Gabriel Roe - Jul 2, 2013
Britany Sponselee - May 31, 2019
Tammy Sponselee - May 31, 2019

Brown Belt 1st Brown
Nancy Harris - Mar 16, 2014
Courtenay Johnston - Oct 21, 2019
Jennifer Wallis - Sep 26, 2019
Brianne Wallis - Sep 26, 2019

Black Belts - Monkey

The black belt represents the monkey whose image is that of space, emptiness and void applying to the first rule of self defense ...... distance. The monkey is the most intelligent of all animals because of it's ability to make use of tools. 

A fighter that is always thinking, the monkey is primarily defensive and sneaky, it usually adopts a mirror image to reflect an equal force with its enemy. 

Black Belt 1st Degree Black - Shodan
Travis Minta - Dec 22, 2018
Shayne Thomas - Jul 31, 2002

Black Belt 2nd Degree Black - Nidan

Black Belt 3rd Degree Black - Sandan
Julia Bennett - Mar 17, 2012
Sigmund Johannessen - Oct 22, 2019
Black Belt 4th Degree Black - Yodan
Corey Nickerson - Nov 23, 2017

Black Belt 5th Degree Black - Godan
Keith Gregory - Oct 9, 2018
Pierre St. Onge - May 29, 2019

Black Belt 6th Degree Black - Rokudan
Don Roe - Feb 14, 2017

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